Sunday, March 23, 2008

graphics.h without Turbo C/C++

hmm.........this first post took a long time coming..... :-D

I personally hate using the Turbo C/C++ compiler, no, its not a bad compiler, but its well past its sell-by date. It was one the best compilers earlier, not anymore....

When using Linux I obviously use the gcc.
When using Windows, i use the Dev-C ++ IDE.

Many people ( mostly 2nd year comp. engg. students from Pune University :P) complain that one cannot use the "graphics.h" with any other IDE, well, u can..just follow these steps..

1. Get Dev-C ++

2. Install Dev-C++ ( i usually prefer following the default install path in case of compilers ).

3. Get the "graphics.h" and the "libbgi.a" files from Here for these files goes to Michael Serrano.

Note: Copying the files from the Turbo C directory may not work ( i haven't tried it ..).

4. Copy the "grahpics.h" files to : C:\Dev-Cpp\include
and the "libbgi.a" file to : C:\Dev-Cpp\lib

Note : Your paths might be different, please check where Dev-C++ is installed on your system.

5.Start Dev-C++ . now Tools-->Compiler Options

6.Tick the "Add these commands to the linker...." and within the box , paste the following line :

-lbgi -lgdi32 -lcomdlg32 -luuid -loleaut32 -lole32

This tells your linker what all extra libraries it should link....

Now its all done, enjoy the Turbo C++ graphics library on Dev- C++

Note: This is not the only place where you will find such a tutorial...i haven't devised this method, only the linker part is mine :-)


  1. good....atleast now it will be easier for u guys to take the Graphics prints...
    for us it was a royal pain....

  2. Yeah, taking output is much easier :)

  3. You can also try out Quincy 2005
    It comes with built in BGI libraries !!

  4. I had tried "copy-pasting" TCC files.. :P. Didn't work.. :P.