Friday, April 25, 2008

Hardy Heron is finally out !!

The Heron is finally out, and i can't wait to install it on my box.
Wait, why haven't i installed it yet ? Because i have an earlier installation of Gutsy, and I downloaded the Live CD instead of the Alternate CD (sad) i'll have to wait one more day and my exams are around the corner so I won't be able to tinker much...

Anyway, I did run the Live CD for about 10-15 minutes and though i didn't look around much, the first thing that came to my notice was the booting booted in around a minute from the Live CD ,thats fast compared to the Gutsy Gibbon.
The next thing that pleased me instantly was the native resolution of my monitor was detected flawlessly....something that didn't happen in either Gutsy Gibbon or Fedora 8...
Internet was configured within 60 seconds...typical of Ubuntu...
and the wallpaper is awesome.

But one thing was amiss, I remember reading that Ubuntu was going to do away with the human theme in the Hardy Heron, but the default theme still happens to be the human theme.......whether the idea was dropped, i know not....but i was really excited to see a new theme.

Overall the first impression was that the Heron does seem to be an improvement over 7.10,

More later.

Cheers !

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