Thursday, October 23, 2008


Saw the dates for practical exam yesterday and i made a choice between Fifa '09 and Proakis...

I opened my Proakis and five minutes later....closed it.......WTH !! i can't understand a word !!!

Wondering wats gonna happen, i had a vision ...(a la Vincent Kennedy McMohan moment )...

Follow these steps and 80% is guaranteed. Read on.

Before we start, here's one instruction -> Be slow, don't rush through it. Read each word carefully and follow each step !!
All set.

Now, firstly,

look down and look up .......good u r a in a state of mind where u'll do/believe everything i say :P

1) Clap your hands 3 times on a desk, 2 times with the right hand, once with the left. If you're a leftie, reverse it. If you're ambidextrous, clap 2 times with both the hands.

2) Jump 7 times without bending your knees.

3) Look down and look up. If u did it u're really desparate :P...if not, see !! u're already getting smarter ...Read on....

4) Spin around 3 and a half times.

5) Say "asjdhfasdklfwmasiuwehjawergydaszmxbczxjhg" BACKWARDS !

Now, the last step....laugh at urself for being such a dumba** to read thru this crap....hehehe...

And Lo ! u're there...if u could do all the things said above, 80% is guaranteed !!

Well, i cudn't do all the steps i made a choice ....between Fifa '09 and my Proakis......

AC Milan v/s Chelsea ...6-0. Peace !! :-)

PS : This is purely a work of imagination. Any resemblance to living or dead is just a result of ur twisted perception :-)


  1. Be Cooooooooooool Man

    Why r u reading Proakis ???

    Enjoy reading Local Author Books

    You not needed to do all that stuff

  2. I have to read Proakis man....coz i know u'll call me the day before the exam....asking all kinda :P