Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's been quite a while since the last post. I've been kinda busy ( read LAZY) in the last 3 months.

A lot has happened since the last post was published. Okay, as you might have guessed, this is _not_ a technical post. :-)

College in the Final year has really been fun. It's been less about attending lectures and more about playing Table Tennis and Carom !!
We now have a week long off as a measure to control the swine flu epidemic in the city. I hate swine flu, but I like the holidays :-) :P

One of the best things that has happened since then is that now i have a job ! [:D]

Yeah, we had campus recruitment in our college and I was one of the lucky few to have been recruited to ThoughtWorks.
The recruitment process for ThoughtWorks was rather gruelling...spanning over 3 days and 6 rounds, 7 actually, if you count the aptitude/logic test that i had to give before being handed over the offer letter !
So, after a logic test, group activity round, coding round, 1st technical interview, 2nd technical interview, HR interview and a logic test to test my speed & I am !
But having survived so many rounds makes my selection feel all the more satisfying :-)

We also got our results in the last week. I've done pretty well this time around. For the first time, a girl didn't top the class :P

We also have to do an year long project in the final year. My project group ( 4 of us) have been working really hard in the last couple of months, reading lots research papers / blogs / TO-DO lists to find a good project idea. We're hoping to zero down on a good idea soon ( Its been like this for the last month :P ). Really looking forward to working with the group.

I wont say the customary "Look forward to more posts in the near future" stuff , coz i know that its not gonna happen. I'm not a regular blogger and I'm too lazy to become one :P

This post came purely out of the guilt of seeing most of my friends blog in the last couple of days :P
Special inspiration from Aruna, who has been blogging furiously in the last 15 days :-)

So, until the next post, Cya !
Take care. Be safe. Bunk college !
--Cheers !


  1. ok..correcting the spell error :P

    my comment said

    "NICE :) ..welcome to the nonsense-blogging world"

    n also 1 addition =>it wud be nice if u wud include me in the "inspirations" :)

  2. lucky you, me poor still working for my american masters!!!! though college band is a nice thing for GRE/CAT. Btw, project ideas toh milte nahi..finally u get frust after u done with enuf fun with project grp on finding project and just decorate one of ur PoC into a project in Jan n push it to I&C :P

  3. Well, if the PMC has its way with the Mexican model, u too will be free for 7 days!! :D

    @Project : ho na !!! idea sapdatch nahiye !! :(

  4. System call chi guide post naahi karnar??

  5. Oh Yeah ! i almost forgot about that !!

  6. will do it after a good night's sleep :P